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I had had psoriasis for a lifetime but developed hypertension and suffered a heart attack a year ago. Doctors said these problems could be related to psoriasis. I used the information in Psoriasis Antidote to get rid of all my problems. The horrid scales in my skin are gone and sleeping at night is possible because my heart doesn’t beat like crazy anymore. I would like to thank Mr. Miller for writing Psoriasis Antidote.

—James Edelman
Cleveland, Ohio

From the desktop of Ivan Miller

Dear Psoriasis patient,

Psoriasis flare ups cause a lot of discomfort from pain and itching. That disturbs your sleep. Discomfort and lack of sleep makes it difficult for you to focus on your daily activities.

The appearance of psoriasis leads you to develop low self-esteem or depression. To avoid social situations.

People are unfamiliar with psoriasis and fear to catch it. Some keep their distance from you while others ask you what it is. Constantly having to explain what it is gets you tired.

You can cure psoriasis. Forget about complicated routines to keep it under control. Stop wearing long sleeves and trousers all year round to cover psoriasis. Don’t waste time applying makeup before going out.

When you get permanent psoriasis relief, you will look more attractive. Feel confident to date the person you want and befriend others. Have more fun in your life. Because you won’t feel ashamed to show your skin to go swimming or sporting.

Who Am I?

Natural medicine is my practice. Most forms of it are well known by me. In contrast to other practitioners who do not like to go through the hassle of curing difficult diseases, these are my focus.

I am constantly researching, studying and testing the efficacy of my natural treatments. Eight years of experience and counting backup me.

My psoriasis home treatment has cured many persons. Some of these had already tried other methods without considerable results or none at all.

There were scales on almost all my body when I found Psoriasis Antidote. In 5 months, the disease went away. I didn’t want to go in a relationship due to the embarrassment of psoriasis, but now I have a lovely boyfriend. There are no words to thank you!

—Linda Fledgling
Richmond, Virginia

Psoriasis Drugs Are Barely Effective And Unsafe

Drugs can’t cure psoriasis. They provide you psoriasis relief temporarily. Typically, you have to spend on several drugs until you find one that works for you.

Psoriasis drugs have potential side effects. Costicosteroids cause your skin to thin over time. Acitretin may cause you hair loss and high levels of cholesterol, among others. Metothrexate may damage your bones and cause other troubles.

Often, a combination of drugs is used. The more you take, the more side effects you risk to develop.

Your dermatologist is unlikely to cure you from side effects. If you’re already having a hard time with psoriasis, imagine having to deal with other problems.

Not only are psoriasis drugs unsafe for you. They can cause severe birth defects, so you must not father a child or become pregnant. While taking the drugs and up to three years after.

What About Ultraviolet Light Therapy?

Ultraviolet Light Therapy is left as the last resort because it can cause you skin and male genital cancer. There are other side effects. Sensitivity to sunlight. Nausea. Itching. Skin redness. Blisters. Skin aging. And freckling.

Although this therapy is more effective than drugs, it is not a cure for your psoriasis either. Just a way to keep it under control by slowing down the multiplication of skin cells.

Ultraviolet Light Therapy is basically sunlight turned into an expensive treatment. Each session costs you around $60 and a medical consultation of $80.

A lot of your time must be committed. Assisting to three or four sessions a week during two or three months.

Following several sessions, you may not find psoriasis relief. UV light exposure may be increased. But it is still possible that you see no improvement at the end of the therapy.


psoriasisPsoriasis Antidote is an e-book that explains an exclusive psoriasis home treatment.

Cure any type of psoriasis

Eliminate discomfort

Stop feeling embarrassed or self-conscious

Get a beautiful smooth skin

Recover your self-esteem and confidence

Forget about complicated routines to keep psoriasis under control

Save thousands in drugs that do not give you permanent psoriasis relief

Increase your happiness and mood

Avoid side effects

Prevent psoriasis from ever coming back

My personal e-mail support is included, in case you have any doubts or concerns.

Psoriasis started in my mid-twenties. I went to several skin doctors who said the disease was incurable and prescribed ointments to calm things down. Some of these only made my itching worse or unbearable. A few years later, my hands and back were terribly painful and the rheumatologist told me it was psoriatic arthritis. I felt like I wouldn’t be able to go on with my life.

I found Psoriasis Antidote but was first skeptical. I had already tried another e-book containing a very complicated diet that didn’t work so well. This was not the case with Psoriasis Antidote because its method is focused on simplicity and the results are amazing. A difference could be seen in only 4 weeks, and psoriasis along with psoriatic arthritis disappeared in around 3 months.

I can now go swimming with my family and do all other activities I always wanted without being ashamed to show my skin. I don’t know how psoriasis is affecting you, but if you want to get rid of it, I highly recommend that you get Psoriasis Antidote.

—Dylan O’Brien
Los Angeles, California

Frequently Asked Questions

1.- Is the psoriasis home treatment in your e-book dangerous?

No. It is natural and doesn’t cause side effects. It is safe for everyone including pregnant women.

2.- How long will I take to see results?

Other products promise to cure psoriasis overnight or in just three days. That is either a hoax or something that suppresses its symptoms for some time, like drugs. True healing occurs gradually. With my treatment, your discomfort from psoriasis will decrease in a few days and you can take up to six months to get cured.

3.- Does your psoriasis home treatment work in severe cases?

Yes. It doesn’t matter if the lesions are only on your elbows or throughout your body. That won’t prevent the treatment from taking effect.

100% Money Back Guarantee

I have seen the natural treatment in Psoriasis Antidote work for many people and know it will work for you. So try it for 120 days. If for any reason you are not satisfied, feel free to ask for a refund. I’m putting all the risk on me. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Start Curing Psoriasis Now

Psoriasis Antidote will be sold for $29. Its introductory price is of $19 but this offer will be gone very soon.

Instant Download Available 24 Hours Per Day

Sincerely yours,
Natural medicine practitioner, researcher and author of Psoriasis Antidote

My son had psoriasis and was bullied all the time by other mean children. Doctors were unable to help. Eventually, he became depressed and only wanted to stay at home. A lot of money was spent in Psychological support but that didn’t make a difference. I came across Psoriasis Antidote and decided to try the home treatment there, which cleared my son’s psoriasis in 2 months. Just like before, he goes out with us as a family and plays with other children. His grades at school improved as well. I’m happy to see him like that. If you are going through a similar problem, Psoriasis Antidote is the answer.

—Adam Jones
Baltimore, Maryland

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